St. Catharines Scrap Metal Prices

St. Catharines is a relatively small city in Ontario, it has a very limited number of scrap yards within it and so trading scrap can be quite difficult at times. The scrap metal prices are also particularly volatile and so it is difficult to guarantee that you are always going to get a fair fee for your metal. The demand for scrap metal is also quite low, however if you have some of the most common forms of scrap (copper or aluminium, for example) then you will be able to get a relatively good fee for it. After travelling around the city for a number of days, we have found a few scrap yards that we feel are a good standard and provide customers with a quality service; TKC Metal Recycling Inc (20 Cushman Rd), Glendale Metal Company (424 Glendale Avenue) and Adelstein Sam & Co Limited (492 Welland Avenue). The prices are these scrap recycling centres were around the average for Canada, but they were much lower than in some of the other cities in Ontario. Ontario as a province has some of the highest prices for scrap metal and so it is disappointing to see that St. Catharines has not followed suit in this regard. If you have a small amount of scrap metal to sell (and if it one of the more popular forms of metal), then we do recommend taking it to one of the local scrap yards. However, if you have a significant quantity of scrap then it is probably worthwhile saving it up and taking it to another city in Ontario.

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