Regina Scrap Metal Prices

As you are searching to find locations to sell scrap metal in Regina, I won’t bother lecturing you about the importance of the city in the wider province of Saskatchewan. You will be more than well aware that this is one of the largest cities in the province and so this is where much of the metal trading occurs. Prices are high across the whole of the year for all of the main metal variants (aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, iron and lead) and the prices are also relatively high for some of the lesser known metals (zinc, for example). As a result of this you can make a really good amount of money in the area without much exertion. Of the many scrap yards and dealers in the province, our favourites are; Wheat City Metals, Wecycle Recycling and SARCAN Recycling. While there are many other places where you can take your scrap metal to, these recycling centres were very easy to deal with, whether we were scrapping a large amount of metal or just a small piece from the home. The staff were very friendly and most importantly the price that they offered us for our scrap was very reasonable too. Regina scrap metal prices are typically at their highest throughout the winter months, it is common to see prices drop substantially in the summer and so we would always recommend that you keep your metal to sell when it is peaking. You will definitely make a lot more extra cash this way.

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