Victoria Scrap Metal Prices

Victoria, one of the largest cities in British Columbia, is somewhat of a hub for scrap metal trading. This is largely due to having great transport links and so there is a lot of import and export of materials here. The prices for scrap metal are also very high for much of the year, there are very little fluctuations between January and June, however the second half of the year (winter) does see a bit more. The best scrap metal recycling centres in the city are Schnitzer Steel (307 David Street), Free Junk Car Removal Victoria BC (No Address) and Ellice Recycling Ltd (524 David Street). As you are more than likely aware, most of the scrap metal trading is done in one area of the city and so it is easy to window shop. Doing this will easily enable you to find the recycling centre with the highest prices and ultimately this is what everyone wants. You will be pleased to hear that the customer service at each of these facilities is also typically very good and so all in all Victoria is a great place to be involved in the scrap metal trade. We are keen to hear about any of your recommendations and so if you have any then please send them over and we will review them the next time that we are in the city ourselves. Victoria’s scrap metal prices are generally higher than the national (Canadian) average and there are also only small changes in this from month to month.

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