London Scrap Metal Prices

London (Ontario) has a large quantity of scrap metal recycling facilities in comparison to the population of the city. This is representative of the demand of scrap metal throughout the city. It is always safe to make the assumption that a city with lots of scrap yards or dealers has a high demand for metal and therefore will have high prices for scrap. You will find a number of scrap recycling facilities in the city and also through the surrounding countryside too. The prices are always higher in the countryside. The facilities which provided customers with the best scrap metal prices were; John Zubick Ltd (105 Clarke Road), Gerdau Metals Recycling (2025 River Road) and That Metals Guy (1663 Commissioners Road East). Copper, lead, steel and aluminium are the most regularly traded forms of scrap and coincidentally these also have the highest prices in London and in most of Ontario too. Most of London has higher prices than in the scrap yards in the rest of the province, but the prices in London do seem to vary a lot from one month to another. The scrap prices seem to peak towards the end of the year (December onwards) and are at their lowest in July. This has been the pricing trend for at least 5 of the last 10 years and so it is reasonable to assume that it will continue moving forward. Our recommendations are to take scrap metal to any of your local scrap yards after undertaking a little bit of your own research to see how the prices compare regionally and across the state too.

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated