Toronto Scrap Metal Prices

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with over 2 million inhabitants it us a great metropolitan city to live in – particularly if you are into the business of recycling scrap metal. Toronto’s scrap metal prices are some of the highest, not only in Canada, but in the world. It really doesn’t matter what type of metal that you have either, because it is so easy to find a metal recycling centre which is ready and willing to accept yours. The prices are driven by local supply and demand, fortunately these are very good throughout the vast majority of the year and so it’s incredibly easy to make some money in the city. As is the case in most of the largest cities in the world where there is a significant industrial presence, Toronto has a high demand for all metals used in manufacturing. The metals with the highest demand in Toronto are aluminium, iron and copper. Our favourite scrap yards in Toronto are; Scrap Metal Removal, Combined Metal Industries (North York) and Canada Iron And Metal (York). Of course, it is possible to make a similar amount of money in the various other places which accept scrap, however the service will definitely not be comparable to what is available at these centres. Our recommendations to anybody with scrap metal, in a small amount or large, is to take it down to your local scrap yard after verifying their price against the average prices for Toronto below. If they are higher, then you will know that you are getting a good deal at the time. If the prices are lower than the Toronto or Ontario average, then it is probably worth your time to look for another scrap yard elsewhere. Particularly as there are many hundreds of centres in and around the city that are trading daily.

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