Edmonton Scrap Metal Prices

Edmonton is a city within the province of Alberta, Canada. Scrap metal prices in Alberta are generally quite good throughout much of the year. There is a large degree of pricing fluctuations whenever demand far exceeds supply, and this only occurs between December and February every year. This small portion of excess demand is driven by increased activity in the mining industry. Compared to other cities within Alberta, Edmonton often has very strong prices and so if you are in to the business of buying, selling or trading scrap metal then it might be a great area for you. Copper and aluminium are often the most regularly traded forms of scrap metal, however there is a seasonally driven demand for lead throughout much of Edmonton too. Our favourite scrap yards in the city are; Maple Leaf Metals (No Address), Acme Scrap Iron & Metals (No Address) and CAC Recycling (No Address). While scrap metal dealing is not a huge industry within much of Alberta, it is still possible to make a decent amount of money from this. Our recommendation is to try and gather as much metal as possible and wait until the end of the year when the prices are at their highest level. You can regularly check our website to see what the prices are like at any one time and then keep tabs on it and wait for them to peak. You can also call up any of the main scrap yards or dealers in Edmonton, ask what their prices are and then decide where you want to take your collection of metal to.

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