Vancouver Scrap Metal Prices

Vancover is the largest city in British Columbia and is also one of the largest, in terms of surface area and population, in the whole of Canada too. The city has a number of attributes which make it a great city to buy and sell scrap metal in. Firstly, the transport links for the city are outstanding and are potentially the best in all of Canada. Secondly, the prices for the key forms of scrap metal are very high and don’t really vary too much from their average high either. This is unfortunately not the case for the rest of Canada, which typically sees prices being very high in the winter and low in the summer. After spending many weeks of this year in Vancouver and its surrounding areas, we can state that there is an absolute abundance of high-quality scrap yards and recycling centres in it. You should have no trouble getting rid of your scrap metal in Vancouver and making a large sum of cash too. Our scrap yard recommendations for people living in Vancouver are; David Trading & Supply Ltd. – Recycle Vancover (1100 Grant Street), North Star Metal Recycling (1159 Franklin Street) and Capital Salvage (1919 Triumph Street). We took a significant amount of aluminium to each of these recycling centres and got so much money for our scrap metal. We were also extremely impressed with the fee that that we got for it too. The prices were pretty much the same across each of them and so it was very hard to pick a favourite from between them. We think that the services provided by these dealers were honestly fantastic and so we will definitely be using them again soon.

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