Winnipeg Scrap Metal Prices

Winnipeg is one of the best places in Canada to sell scrap metal for a number of different reasons. The most important reason, for most readers anyway, is that the prices are continually higher than the Canadian average and are often the highest in all of Canada too. This is for a few main reasons; firstly, there is a big industrial presence in the city and so these businesses rely heavily on metal being recycled. This demand pushes prices up and due to the constant demand, they typically remain at this inflated price all year around. Secondly, Winnipeg has a lot of transport links – air and rail playing a key role here. These transport links make it easy for businesses to trade nationally and internationally, and also for scrap metal to be transferred too. The places which we visited to sell our scrap were all fantastic and so it was really hard for us to choose which ones to recommend on our website. However, after much deliberation, we have decided that you should visit; Western Scrap Metals Inc (18 Sutherland Avenue), Rakowski Recycling (454 Archibald Street) and Orloff Scrap Metals (N/W King & Sutherland Street). If you are after some of the highest scrap metal prices in Winnipeg, then you should certainly visit these recycling centres as they were extremely high for us. Double check with the scrap yard by calling them before heading down there and hopefully you will also see the same.

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated