Quebec City Scrap Metal Prices

Quebec City has a large quantity of people involved with the scrap metal industry, there are lots of traders, dealers, scrap yards and metal recycling facilities throughout the city. This is a great indicator that there is a high amount of demand for one or more types of metal within the city. Whenever the demand for metal is high, this drives the prices up substantially. As it stands, Quebec has some of the highest scrap metal prices within the whole of Canada. We regularly see the more frequently traded bring in many thousands of dollars for a tonne and so it’s a very lucrative business to be involved in. We have personally travelled all around the city to many of the different scrap yards and we report on their prices frequently too. Our top 3 scrap yards, from a pricing perspective, are; Recyclage PSG Metal (No Address), AIM Recyclage Vanier (400 Rue des Entrepreneurs) and AIM Recyclage Quebec (999 Boulevard Montmorency). If you have a haul of scrap metal that you are planning on selling over the coming weeks in Quebec City, then make sure you consider these yards as they almost always have very high prices for commonly traded materials (aluminium, iron, steel, lead and copper). Similarly, they are also very likely to accept some of the less commonly traded types of scrap metal too. The pricing is obviously the main consideration and so it’s great to know that these locations will not disappoint customers. We also found that they had very knowledgeable staff and provided some of the best customer service that we have seen across the whole of Canada.

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated