Calgary Scrap Metal Prices

There are an abundance of places in Calgary where it is possible to swap buy, sell or trade scrap metal. Most of these are recycling facilities, dealers or scrap yards which are situated towards the outskirts of the city. It is possible to find some places to trade closer towards the centre of the city, but these are often not offering the best prices for most types of metal. The locations that we like best include Federal Metals, Recon Metal and Empire Metals. Each of these locations will accept the traditionally traded forms of scrap metal; copper, aluminium, steel, lead, brass, bronze and a few other types of rarer metals too. The prices for these scrap yards were high at various points throughout the year and so we are confident that they are providing customers with a good price. The province of Alberta has many other scrap yards which do provide better prices than within the city of Calgary, but it can be difficult to get to them due to the distance. Our recommendation is to accept the lower prices in the city and save on any travel costs. Generally scrap metal prices for the main metals remain relatively stable across the whole year, obviously these are driven by supply and demand locally, but due to Calgary being a major city there is little fluctuation in this. Copper is often in high demand for industry in the region, as is aluminium. There are a number of businesses who are continually utilising rarer types of metals and so these are frequently accepted by scrap yards and scrap dealers too. It is worth inquiring about the prices of these metals in our opinion.

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated