Scrap Metal Prices in Canada

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated

Canada’s scrap metal prices are inherently hard to determine for a number of reasons, each of which we will discuss at length on this page. We have designed this website to provide users with best estimates for pricing across the country. Across the internet, various online resources state that they have accurate prices for each of the types of scrap metal, however this is not possible given that they change on an hourly basis and also vary considerably on a regional level too. Consequently, it is important to pull together prices for each of Canada’s provinces and cities, from there you are able to distinguish what scrap metal prices are on average across the country. Below are a number of links to various provinces and cities throughout the country, please select which of them is most relevant to you to find out more about the prices near you.

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Canada

Metal TypePrice Per Kilo (kg)Last Updated
Aluminum Cable$2.8617-November-2019
Aluminum Cans$1.7517-November-2019
Aluminum Rims$2.517-November-2019
Aluminum Tubing$2.6917-November-2019
Aluminum Sheets$2.4717-November-2019
Aluminum Wheels$2.2717-November-2019

Scrap Brass Prices in Canada

Metal TypePrice Per Kilo (kg)Last Updated
Brass Beams$4.4217-November-2019
Brass Tubing$4.8517-November-2019
Brass Wire$4.817-November-2019

Scrap Copper Prices in Canada

Metal TypePrice Per Kilo (kg)Last Updated
Copper Coils$5.1017-November-2019
Copper Cylinders$3.4317-November-2019
Copper Tanks$4.4117-November-2019
Copper Tubing$5.117-November-2019
Copper Wire$5.5417-November-2019
No.1 Copper$3.6017-November-2019
No.2 Copper$4.8617-November-2019

Scrap Iron Prices in Canada

Metal TypePrice Per Kilo (kg)Last Updated
Iron Bars$3.6517-November-2019
Iron Cable$3.9617-November-2019
Iron Cans$2.7317-November-2019
Iron Tubing$2.8217-November-2019

Scrap Steel Prices in Canada

Metal TypePrice Per Kilo (kg)Last Updated
Stainless Steel$5.4817-November-2019
Steel Beams$3.9517-November-2019
Steel Cable$3.4817-November-2019
Steel Casing$3.6317-November-2019
Steel Radiators$2.5517-November-2019
Steel Sheets$4.317-November-2019
Steel Tubing$3.5617-November-2019
Steel Wire$4.9617-November-2019

How To Find Us

How To Find Us

We have scrap metal yards all over Canada, but our main dealership is based within Toronto, Ontario. If you are in the area and are keen to find out some more about scrap metal prices in Canada, then head on over to us right away.