Ottawa Scrap Metal Prices

As you are searching for places to sell scrap metal in Ottawa, you will of course know that Ottawa is one of the biggest cities in Ontario. Consequently, it is also one of the best places to get a good fee for your metal in the province too. Ottawa, like many cities in Canada, has a strong demand for scrap metal. However, the city is unique in that it has a high demand for some of the more infrequently traded forms of scrap metal; zinc, lead and bronze. Most cities have materials such as aluminium and copper at the top of their list, however this is not the case in Ottawa. Regardless of this, the scrap metal prices in the city are good across the board and so you are never far away from making a decent amount of money from your scrap metal here. Here are our favourite recycling facilities in Ottawa; CASH for TRASH Metal Recycling Centre (Stittsville), Palmer Recycling (Ottawa) and AIM Recycling Ottawa East (Ottawa). These places had a great customer service and accepted a wide array of different metal types too, this is exactly what you need as a customer and so we really do recommend their services highly. We are of course very keen to hear about everyone else’s experiences in trading scrap metal in Ottawa, Ontario or Canada and so please do let us know. We are continually updating this page and our website to ensure that people trading scrap metal locally are always up to date with pricing fluctuations.

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