Oshawa Scrap Metal Prices

Oshawa is another city in the province of Ontario which has a seemingly insatiable demand for people who are trying to sell some scrap metal. As a result of this incredibly high demand, prices for most of the most commonly traded types of metal (copper, aluminium, iron and steel) are high and invariable across the year. The most important thing to consider when it comes to trying to sell some scrap metal in Oshawa is which scrap yard or recycling centre to take your metal to. We have personally visited all of the major sites throughout the city and its surrounding regions and can tell you a few of them that we found provided great prices and an outstanding service to match; Gerdau Metals Recycling Oshawa (500 Waterloo Close), ANJ Recycling Inc (2001 Thickson Road South) and Durham Shred & Recycle (651 Drake Street). While some of the prices of these centres do vary from day to day, we found that they were often the best in the city and so would recommend any of them to our readers. The most valued types of scrap metal from a pricing perspective throughout Oshawa are copper and aluminium, this is fairly typical because they are the most used metals in industry too. You can make a fairly large sum of money from a relatively small amount of metal from these materials and so if you find any lying around then we would highly recommend selling it as a priority.

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated