Hamilton Scrap Metal Prices

Hamilton is another city in Ontario which has a high supply and demand of metal, consequently scrap metal prices in the city are amongst the highest in the whole province. You will often find that copper and aluminium have the highest prices, and that this remains the case for most of the year. Similarly, in Hamilton you will also find that these metals are the most frequently traded as well. This huge demand is driven by the needs of many industries within the city. The best places that we found to trade scrap metal were; AIM Recycling Hamilton (75 Steel City Close), Wentworth Metal Recycling (495 Wentworth Street North) and Triple M Metal LP Hamilton Strathearne (670 Stratehearne Avenue). Copper, aluminium, lead, steel, iron, bronze and brass are all frequently accepted at each of these recycling facilities and most of the prices are stable year-round too. This means that you can expect to receive a fair price for your metal without worrying about being ripped off. You will find that these facilities have great prices and in many cases exceed the average price of scrap metals across the whole of Canada. Our recommendations for scrap metal traders based in Hamilton is to travel to any one of these centrally located facilities whenever you have a decent sized stash of materials. Make sure that you keep on top of the prices for each of them as they do tend to fluctuate quite a lot from month to month. If you check our page you will be able to determine what the prices are for the city from all of its scrap yards, however if you call the individual scrap yards up then you will be able to gauge their prices against this average too.

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