Windsor Scrap Metal Prices

As you are searching to find locations to sell scrap metal in Windsor, I won’t be spending my time lecturing you about the importance of the city in the wider province of Ontario. The prices for scrap metal in the city of Windsor are also very high for most of the year, there is very little fluctuation between the start of the year and June, however the second half of the year (in the winter months) does see a bit more. As is the case in most of cities which have a large industrial presence, such as Windsor, scrap metal prices are heavily impacted by the demand from these. Fortunately it seems that there is only very sporadic drops in demand and so prices are generally quite stable. We have only seen 4 months over the past 10 years where the price has dropped by more than 10% on the previous year. In fact, prices have typically been trending upwards and this trend seems likely to continue long into the future as well. After we spent two weeks visiting over 10 scrap yards and dealers in Windsor, we feel that we have a good idea on what are the best ones to visit if you are keen on making some quick cash with your scrap metal. The yards with the highest scrap metal prices in Windsor were; Total Scrap Management, J&B Auto Parts and Bello Metal Recycling. These were all moderately better than the other places that we visited, but to be totally honest with you, we didn’t actually come across any bad dealers in the city and so would highly recommend visiting any of your local facilities if you have some scrap metal to sell in Windsor today.

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