Montreal Scrap Metal Prices

Montreal, as one of Canada’s largest cities, has a huge demand for scrap metal and so the prices for trading it are high in every month of the year. The trick is to find a scrap yard that is situated near you with good prices, fortunately for you, this is where we step in. We have visited the city’s largest scrap metal yards and collated a long list of their prices, which we have provided to you below in the form of an average for it. Given that Montreal has a high number of scrap recycling centres, it is safe to assume that metal prices are high in the city relative to other regions in the country where there is less trading going on. The demand for metal in the city is driven by the various industries that recycle the metal. Of all of the scrap centres that we visited, our favourites were; Junk Car Removal Montreal (No Address), Cesm Depot Montreal (2235 Rue Michel-Jurdant) and Aurora Iron Metal (3920 Rue Sabrevois). At any one of these facilities you can rest assured that you will be receiving a very good price for any metal you take there, they are highly regarded in the area and the staff at all of them were incredibly helpful for us at all times. Scrap metal prices in Montreal do vary quite a bit, you will see that the best places to sell it are in the city itself and not in the outskirts. These plants do have the most stable pricing structure and they also offer additional services such as car scrapping and more. Please let us know if you have any questions about recycling or selling scrap metal in Montreal and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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