Halifax Scrap Metal Prices

Halifax is one of the largest, if not the largest city in Nova Scotia. Additionally, there is a large distance between the cities of Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada. This forces the prices of most types of scrap metal within Halifax to be higher than almost all of the rest of the country. Scrap metal prices in Halifax do fluctuate quite considerably as there is a huge demand for metal in the region and supply/demand do change all the time. The most valued types of metal in this area is undoubtedly aluminium, copper and steel. While it is quite easy to find a scrap yard, dealer or recycling centre that is willing to provide high prices for other forms of metal (relative to the rest of Canada), the prices of aluminium and copper are considerably higher. Our favourite places to sell scrap include; John Ross & Sons Ltd (171 Chain Lake Drive), Dartmouth Metals & Bottle Ltd (14 Dawn Drive) and Clifton Recycling Centre (2651 Clifton Street). These scrap yards, all based in Halifax or within its close vicinity, all had very high prices for the main forms of metal across the majority of the year. We highly recommend travelling to get to one of these centres if it is possible as they are much larger than the other locations in Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia too. Scrap metal is a very lucrative opportunity in Nova Scotia, due to there being such a high demand for various forms of metal across the year. As a consequence, we always recommend that people should store up their metal until they have an amount which is worth taking to a local scrap yard for money.

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