Sherbrooke Scrap Metal Prices

Sherbrooke, like many cities in Quebec, has a lot of really great transport links and so it is easy to import or export metals both locally and internationally. Due to this, there is rarely either a shortage or high demand for most regularly traded forms of scrap metal. Sherbrooke’s scrap metal prices are therefore stable from January until around the middle of November. In November, over the past 5 or so years, there has been some notable fluctuations in specific types of scrap metal prices. These are predominantly ferrous, but also contain some non-ferrous materials too. The most valuable types of metals in this area are those which are used in the machinery industry (copper, steel, iron and aluminium), you will be able to make a lot of money with these materials with very little effort too. Sherbooke’s top scrap metal yards, or metal recycling plants, are; Certi Recyclage, Kruger Inc Div Turcal and Olympique Metal. We were very impressed by all of these vendors and can attest that their prices for all of the predominant forms of scrap metal were higher than the Canadian average. Similarly, they were also higher than the local average in Quebec too. If you take some scrap to these centres you will definitely be leaving with a smile on your face, knowing that you got a great price for your metal. As we mentioned previously, if you are planning on selling some metal in winter, please make sure you check the prices on our website and call up the yards too to check that they match. It’s also worthwhile looking for any seasonal drops in pricing as it may be worth holding on to your metal for a while longer so that it recovers, particularly if you are selling a big batch at once.

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated