Cambridge Scrap Metal Prices

Cambridge has many differet scrap metal recycling plants, scrap dealers and yards where you can buy or sell metal. These places are traditionally located around the perimeter of the city, however we know that many of them are quite close to the centre of it too. The best scrap metal prices are almost always found within recycling centres or yards, individual dealers often try to cut their prices down to make extra money. Of the various places where it is possible to sell scrap, our top 3 include; Combined Metal Industries (454 Dobble Drive), Jakab Scrap Metals (No Address) and Bomet Recycling Inc (2105 Main Street). These were our favourites predominantly because they always provided high prices for copper and aluminium. They also accepted a wide range of different metals too; zinc, lead, brass and bronze are only a few examples. Cambridge has some scrap yards which have high prices relative to many of the other cities in the province of Ontario, while they are certainly not the highest, they are still very good. As is the case in many of the major cities in Canada, Cambridge’s scrap dealers are always offering consumers a consistent price across the year. Aluminium, copper and steel prices only fluctuated by approximately 5% from month to month. Cambridge has a bustling scrap metal industry and so it is always possible to find somebody who is willing to accept any form of metal. Whether you have kilos of copper, or a few hundred grams of zinc, you can trade it quite easily in this area.

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