Saskatoon Scrap Metal Prices

Saskatoon scrap metal prices are continually fluctuating between being low in the winter and high in the summer, this is quite the opposite to what we see for much of the rest of Canada. Like many of the other cities in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon has a big scrap metal industry in place, with many of the city’s businesses relying on this turning over a large amount of metal. This high demand exists for two key reasons, firstly there are not many metal mines in the close vicinity of Saskatoon and secondly, there are very poor transport routes which can be used to transfer metals into the city. Despite the high demand, there are only a few types of scrap metal which fetch a significant amount of revenue; copper, aluminium and iron. These are very much always in high demand and so they can bring in a lot of money due to their inflated prices, some of the rarer metals are not in high demand and so some yards will not accept them for any fee whatsoever. We visited many of Saskatoon’s recycling centres over the past few months and have determined what we believe are the best ones; Inland Steel Products, BN Steel & Metals and Hub City Iron & Metal. We predominantly used these scrap yards due to their high prices and willingness to accept some rarer metals (silver, zinc and a few other materials). But obviously the main factor for us was the high scrap metal prices.

Metal TypePrice per Kilo (kg)Last Updated